Lexxii Leigh
Lexxii Leigh


Lexxii Leigh sings with expert control and raw emotions vocally, mixed with poetic narrative and a storyteller’s perspective to song writing to let you in her world, to know her as a person, and an artist Lexxii was 5 or 6 years old when her mom got her into piano and vocal lessons. She was 10 when she started writing her own material, and then her mom got her a Peavy recording mixer and a bass for her 12th birthday....everything helped her dabble in any instruments she could get her hands on. She currently has about 5 albums worth of original songs and will be recording her debut record soon.

Currently she plays solo shows with an acoustic guitar and fronts her own band called Lexxii Leigh and the DG BG. Catch them throughout the Midwest now!


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