Highway J

Highway J

Highway J features ranging dynamic vocals accompanied by rock riffs that sometimes hint at experimental. The idea is to make one sound and leave a lasting sense of melody without compromising honesty or popular appeal. With over a decade of road and studio experience, Highway J has developed the art of appealing to the most stringent musician and still fully engaging the casual listener. Their songs take little effort to enjoy yet contain layers of intricacy that keep interest for lengths of time.

Highway J live can offer the spectrum of experiences. The band can handle 3 hour full stage sets or strip down to a warm acoustic set overnight. Although the band enjoys featuring its original material, they have an impressive cover catalogue. Covers include current popular favorites as well as underground signatures. Performances are dynamic. They often contain energetic showmanship, unique arrangements on popular songs, singer/songwriter duo, elaborate lights and impromptu jams. No show is the same other than the effort given by the members. They engage the audience and offer them to experience the music along with the band.

The soul of Highway J is unrooted, with very few rules and use of every member’s personal influence to define their sound. They go with the moniker “If it sounds good, it’s good”. Without a specific agenda, Highway J still tackles heavy issues and is unafraid to write about love, friendship, loss and injustice.



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