The Next Two Weeks

Part of our itinerary for the next week.

Part of our itinerary for the next week.

There are some very exciting things happening… not just with Peoria Music Live and in the Peoria Area, but with me personally! Here’s a little bit of an update and a look ahead to what’s coming…

I leave Tuesday morning (October 1st) for a trip that won’t bring me back to Peoria until October 10th. And, by the time I return, my family and I will have visited three countries and I will be married!

My youngest daughter is doing very well, but she has a genetic disorder that causes struggles for her on a daily basis, and can be ultimately life threatening. Because of this, she was granted a wish through Make A Wish Illinois. It was pretty amazing. In fact, I wrote a blog post about it on my personal blog here, if you are interested in the longer version.

The short version is that she chose something that we likely wouldn’t have been able to do for her or with her in this lifetime… a Mediterranean Cruise with her whole family that starts and ends in Rome, Italy.

My fiance, Mike, and I decided that it would be awesome to get married while we were in Rome. (He proposed on my 40th birthday in August.) So, we requested to extend the trip by one day at our own expense and will be getting married in Rome on October 9, 2019 with my four children in attendance.

We will be sure to get lots of photos. As you can see from the random family photo slideshow, we like to take pictures…

Since we don’t have much of a guarantee that there will be much Wifi access while we are gone, and there definitely won’t be phone or data whole we are there, I’ve worked ahead to schedule posts and get some help with a few things. Hopefully we’ll still be able to keep you up to date from the other side of the world!

In Peoria Music Live news,

Don’t forget to watch What’s Up Peoria for the next two weeks. Kelly is going to have help from our vibrant music scene to tell everyone what‘s going on and play a song for fans. Jerry Kolb, Sarah & Brandon Mooberry, and James Herr are all slated to be guests on the next two shows.

You’ll also want to check out the Big Picture Peoria Acoustic Original Showdown on October 12th! Sixteen local artists will show us what they’ve got and compete for your votes to win a cash prize.

Come out to support our live local music scene and these awesome musical artists, and check out all the other amazing types of art that can be found at the Big Picture Peoria 2019 Street Festival!

Then, on October 13th, you can join Peoria Music Live at B.G. Karaoke Saloon in Bartonville for The Wolf & Gypsy Band’s release party for their album Masters of Music. It’s going to be fantastic!

I’m looking forward to our trip tomorrow. If you have shows to co-host, get them in now! After I’m out of the country tomorrow, it will be harder to get them added to the lists!